The Colossus of Rhodes

Click here for Episode 6: It's big! It's bronze! This week, we'll head to the Greek island of Rhodes, and hear them undergo two separate sieges, one of which led to the mighty and short-lived Colossus. We'll also sample some classic Rhodian food with all the garlic that implies. #Greece #Rhodes #wondersoftheworld #podcast #travel #history

The Two Artemisias (Bonus Episode)

Click here for Episode 5A: Turns out there were two Artemisias. In this bonus episode, we take a look at Artemisia the First of Halicarnassus, who was a naval commander in the Persian War at the Battle of Salamis. I'll let our old pal Herodotus explain more. #TwoArtemisias #travel #History #podcast #wondersoftheworld

The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

Click here for Episode 5: This episode, we're heading down the Turkish Coast to Bodrum, formerly called Halicarnassus and home of the long-lost Mausoleum, symbol of should-have-been-forbidden love. We'll also check out the thermal springs at Pamukkale and eat swordfish kebabs! #MausoleumatHalicarnassus #turkey #History #travel #wondersoftheworld #podcast

The Temple of Artemis

Click here for Episode 4: This week, we sail to Turkey to visit the great temple of Artemis in Ephesus, which at its peak was one of the world's largest and richest cities. Since the temple is gone, we'll tour the ruined city and eat a seafood feast. #TheTempleofArtemis #turkey #travel #wondersoftheworld #History #podcast

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