The Eternal Fires of Mount Chimaera

Click here for Episode 21: Is this burning an eternal flame? Why yes. Yes, it is. Nestled in the hills of Lycia in southwestern Turkey, the Yanartaş of Mount Chimaera is a series of methane-fueled fires that have burnt for at least 2500 years. Lycia has a fascinating history and is well worth a quick detour from our narrative, so let's take a look. Joining us is Roxanne from Mythology Translated, to share the myths of the chimaera and other fine folks. We'll also talk Ionia, to set us up for the great conflict between Persia and Greece. And we'll have some sweet, sticky halva! Oh, and Santa Claus shows up. Sort of. #mountchimaera #greece #persia #travel #history #turkey #mythology #SantaCl

The Staircases of Persepolis

Click here for Episode 20: East vs West? Maybe. We're off to Iran to greet the rise of the Persian Achaemenid Empire, the world's greatest by this point in history. Between Cyrus and Darius, we'll deal with two Great rulers, but we've also got medieval Iranian love poetry, unappetizing royal banquets, Croesus making bad decisions, and kebabs! Even better, Ryan Stitt from the History of Ancient Greece Podcast returns to bring his knowledge, as we climb the magnificent staircases of Persepolis. #iran #travel #history #StaircasesofPersepolis #wondersoftheworld

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