The Terracotta Army of Xian

Click here for Episode 25 They stand row on row in silent guard of a long-dead autocrat. The Terracotta Army, built to defend the tomb of China's First Emperor, Qin Shi Huangdi, are the greatest archaeological discovery of the 20th century. Joined by Abel Kay, we look into the story of the Emperor who unified China, and the ruthless path he took to do it. We'll talk about scheming merchants, pretend eunuchs, beheaded generals, assassins, scholars buried alive, rivers of mercury, and the secret to immortality. Sound like enough for you? We'll also explore Xian, imperial city, and sample some biang biang noodles and lamb bread soup. On the way, there might be a detour to Indianapolis, because

The Theater of Dionysus

Click here for Episode 24: All the world is a stage, and the first stage was in Athens, the birthplace of tragedy. With Darby Vickers from the History of Greece podcast, we visit with the great playwrights, as Athens hits a great turning point: the Peloponnesian War. That doesn't go well, and who's to blame? Surely not a homely old teacher in the Agora? Indeed. But his student will have the last laugh. All this plus skordalia!

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