The Roman Forum, Part I

Click here for Episode 26 A funny thing happened on the way to the forum. You see, when trying to capture the story of the first 500 or so years of one of the world's great civilizations, you find there are way too many stories to tell. There was so much that I had to cut this episode in two! Yes, here comes Rome, both the vibrant, chaotic, eye-catching capital of Italy, and the civilization that made that capital possible. This episode looks at the rise of Rome and the first Punic War with Carthage, that other great Mediterranean Empire. We'll take side trips to Sicily as well as Tunisia to talk about cannoli and harissa. Worth it. In fact, I get so caught up talking about Rome vs Carthag

Where are we anyway?

Nitin Sil, who will be guest-appearing on the next episode, created this amazing map of places we've been and places we'll be seeing soon. Nitin hosts the terrific Flash Point History - check him out at

EPCOT: 1st Anniversary Bonus Episode!

Click here for the Bonus Episode It's our FIRST ANNIVERSARY. To celebrate, let's explore EPCOT: a place you can visit many wonders of the world, all at once. Sort of. What you might not expect is its fascinating history and the weird vision Walt Disney had for his Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. There's also a "state of the podcast" bit at the end and a giant thank you to you for listening to me ramble all these months. #USA #Florida #Disney #EPCOT #bonus #anniversary

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