The Fortress of Masada

Click here for Episode 32 A drama in three acts, all centered on the Fortress of Masada, a remarkable bastion perched above the Dead Sea in Israel. King Herod builds a pleasure palace, the Zealots make their last stand against Rome, and Israel returns at last. There are no heroes here, no villains, just complex people doing great and terrible deeds. Josephus, historian/traitor, takes us through the story of the Great Jewish Revolt and the destruction of the Temple. Masada visitor Lisa Goldberg tells us about the experience of climbing up (and down again) and exploring the ruins. And we eat traditional holiday goodies: sufganiyot and just in time for Purim, hamantaschen. Plus Israeli breakfa

The Two Bethlehems

Click here for the bonus episode A short bonus episode. Drew's daughter makes her first podcasting appearance as she tells you the story of the Two Bethlehems. Bethlehem, Indiana is a popular place to mail Christmas cards, but there's more to its story than that! #Indiana #Bethlehem

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Click here for Episode 31 Jesus Christ arrives on the scene, to the consternation of the Roman authorities and the Jewish establishment. We visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, site of his death and resurrection, and the holiest site in Christianity. What made Jesus so revolutionary? Garry Stevens from the History in the Bible podcast comes back to the show to talk about the historical aspects of the gospels, as we tell the story of that fateful weekend in April, nearly 2000 years ago. Even better, Gary Arndt from returns to describe his visit to the church during Holy Week and to Bethlehem. And of course, there's food too, including Jerusalem mixed grill. #jerus

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