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Front Porch of the Roman Republic

Click here for Episode 26 (Part I)

Click here for Episode 27 (Part II)

An episode so big I had to break it in half! Here comes Rome, both the vibrant, chaotic, eye-catching capital of Italy, and the civilization that made that capital possible.  This episode looks at the rise of Rome and the first Punic War with Carthage, that other great Mediterranean Empire.

We'll take side trips to Sicily as well as Tunisia to talk about cannoli and harissa.  Worth it.  In fact, I get so caught up talking about Rome vs Carthage that I don't even get to the Roman Forum itself.  That's OK - there's always next week, when Part II takes us to the Eternal City for a sunset look at the ruins.

Nitin Sil from the Flash Point History podcast joins me to discuss the Second Punic War, Hannibal, and Scipio. Was Hannibal crossing the Alps really a big deal? How did Rome win in the end?

I also talk about mathematician and defense contractor extraordinaire Archimedes and his antique death ray!

Plus, finally, a play-by-play of the Roman Forum, how to stroll the streets of modern Rome, and enjoying pecorino romano cheese. If you don't crave spaghetti cacio e pepe now, you will!

Goldsworthy, Adrian Keith.  The Punic Wars

Hoyos, B. D. Mastering the West: Rome and Carthage at War

Lonely Planet Guide to Italy

Matyszak, Phillip.  Chronicle of the Roman Republic: the rulers of ancient Rome from Romulus to Augustus

Miles, Richard.  Carthage Must Be Destroyed: the Rise and Fall of an Ancient Civilization

O'Connell, Robert L. The ghosts of Cannae: Hannibal and the Darkest Hour of the Roman Republic

Rick Steves Italy

Photo by wikipedia user Carla Tavares











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