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The Seven That Started It All

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The first wonder on the list is the only original wonder still standing: the Great Pyramid.  In the episode, we visit Cairo to talk about the Old Kingdom, the king Khufu, and how the pyramids were built.  Hint: not aliens.

Try making koshari, the vegetarian-friendly street food of Egypt.

We travel to Babylon in Iraq, to search for the elusive remains of Nebuchadnezzar's Hanging Gardens, which might have not have been his at all and might not even have existed.  




Try masguf and tepsi, Iraqi specialties which have been enjoyed for centuries.

This week, it's off to Greece's Peloponnese peninsula, to visit Olympia, home of the Statue of Zeus and the original Olympic Games. We'll also take a side trip to Sparta and seek out that most Greek of healthy fats: olive oil.

This week, we sail to Turkey to visit the great temple of Artemis in Ephesus, which at its peak was one of the world's largest and richest cities.  Since the temple is gone, we'll tour the ruined city and eat a seafood feast.

Try some stuffed mussels (midye dolma) to taste the flavor of the Aegean.

This episode, we're heading down the Turkish Coast to Bodrum, formerly called Halicarnassus and home of the long-lost Mausoleum, symbol of should-have-been-forbidden love.  We'll also check out the thermal springs at Pamukkale and eat swordfish kebabs!

Try some swordfish kebabs, a recipe which can work with any firm-bodied fish.

It's big! It's bronze! This week, we'll head to the Greek island of Rhodes, and hear them undergo two separate sieges, one of which led to the mighty and short-lived Colossus. We'll also sample some classic Rhodian food with all the garlic that implies.

Interested in making your own Pitaroudia (Chickpea fritters) from Rhodes? 

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This episode, we visit Alexandria, Egypt, at its peak, as we check out the Lighthouse (or Pharos) and the Great Library. We enjoy some ful medames, and talk Ptolemy. Plus science!

Try some ful medames, often considered the national dish of Egypt.

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