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Karnak: Welcome

The World's Largest Religious Space

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It's Egypt's most sacred of spaces, the holy place of the Pharaohs of the New Kingdom's great 18th Dynasty.  Karnak, the shrine of the God Amun, had been important for centuries, but it truly came to national prominence with the rising of a most unique pharaoh: the woman Hatshepsut.

Dominic Perry of the History of Egypt podcast appears to discuss Hatshepsut and the New Kingdom and Lantern Jack of the Ancient Greece Declassified podcast talks about his own travels to Karnak. 


In this episode, we go to Luxor to visit the great temple of Karnak. We discuss Hatshepsut: the  fascinating woman who became king. We also talk temple-side french fries.  While exploring Karnka, consider ending a day with a delicious dish of Om Ali, an Egyptian bread pudding.


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