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Holy Mountain of Daoism

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China appears for the first time on the podcast in the midst of the Age of Faith, a period in the sixth century BCE, when many schools of philosophy and religions would get their start.  China, divided into feudal warring states, would also produce a Hundred Schools of Thought, including two of its most important: Daoism and Confucianism

Standing tall over the eastern province of Shandong is Mount Tai, foremost of the four holy mountains of Daoism.  For centuries, emperors would come here to complete sacred rituals to connect their reign to the Dao, the way of balance between yin and yang.

Shandong was also the home of Confucius, whose philosophy of ethical behavior would echo throughout Chinese history.

While we're in Shandong, we'll discuss the province's role as one of the Eight Culinary Traditions, and sample sweet-and-sour carp - though other firm, mild fish will do.




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Photo by Nat Krause on wikicommons

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