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Ngorongoro: Welcome

Humanity's Ancient Home

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At the East African rift valley, the continent is slowly being pulled apart. Yet among the volcanoes past and present, this valley was where mankind took our first steps as hominids and as homo sapiens specifically.


Ngorongoro Crater is the Earth's largest unfilled caldera, a haven for animals and an awe-inspiring location for safaris. 

In this episode, we're off to Tanzania. We also discuss nearby Oldupai Gorge and the evolution of man. Special guest Michelle Jones talks about her trip to Tanzania and coming way too close to a lion.  In the process, we eat ugali and mchicha, a polenta-and-greens dish popular around Ngorongoro.















I had several sources about Ngorongoro, the evolution of man, and volcanism, but I failed to note them at the time.  Now it's years later, and I'm out of luck.

The Lonely Planet Guide to East Africa

Photo by Brocken Inglory on wikicommons

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