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Parthenon: Welcome

Athens' Glory

Click here for Episode 23

Athens has won the war against Persia, but now what? The Golden Age of Pericles, that's what! He's building temples, making money, enlarging an empire, all in the name of democracy.


Darby Vickers from the History of Greece podcast stops by to talk about the Great Democrat as well as what it's like to visit the Parthenon today. The one in Athens, not the one in Nashville.  She also talks about Greek bakeries and the joy that is spanakotiropita.  


The intro today (my first one ever!) is from Lynn Perkins of the History of the Ottoman Empire podcast.  He does fine work, and I can't wait to bug him when I get to Topkapi Palace.


Everitt, Anthony.  The Rise of Athens: the Story of the World's Greatest Civilization

Green, Peter. The Parthenon

Herodotus. The Histories

The Lonely Planet Guide to Greece

Plutarch. Lives

Rick Steves' Greece: Athens & the Peloponnese

Thucydides. History of the Peloponnesian War

Photo by Andrew Baldwin 












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