Royal City of the Achaemenids

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East vs West? Maybe. We're off to Iran to greet the rise of the Persian Achaemenid Empire, the world's greatest by this point in history. Between Cyrus and Darius, we'll deal with two Great rulers, but we've also got Zoroastrianism, medieval Iranian love poetry, unappetizing royal banquets, and Croesus of Lydia making bad decisions!


Even better, Ryan Stitt from the History of Ancient Greece Podcast returns to bring his knowledge, as we climb the magnificent staircases of Persepolis.

Plus, what would a trip to Iran be without kebabs? Chicken kebabs work best when paired with tahdig, saffron-infused rice with a crunchy exterior you have to taste to believe.



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Photo by user peter23 on wikicommons


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