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Stonehenge: Welcome

Mysterious Circle of Stones

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The ancient circle of stones on the Salisbury plain is the world's best known Stone Age site, and that popularity is well-earned.  Archaeologists are still trying to understand its secrets. Was it an observatory? A place of worship or funeral rites? Some of its stones come from 240 kilometers away, yielding even more questions about the neolithic Britons who built it.


In this episode, we go to Southwest England to talk about the Neolithic revolution, Wales, Arthur and the Holy Grail, Bath, and the Cotswolds. It's a lot! In addition, we eat welsh rarebit and clotted cream and scones.


Thanks to listeners Alexa Echlov and Rooksie Noorai for their descriptions of visiting Stonehenge.


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Photo by Simon Wakefield on wikicommons











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