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Uluru: Welcome

Sacred Rock in the Outback

Click here for Episode 9

Deep in the desert reaches of Australia's outback lies the world's largest monolith: Uluru.  Formerly known as Ayers Rock, the rock now has the name Aboriginal Australians have called it for millennia.

The episode focuses on the story of Australia's original settlers, who somehow navigated the sea voyage 40,000 years ago and who built a complex  society well before the arrival of the British in the 18th century.


In the episode, we also visit Darwin in the Northern Territory, Adelaide in South Australia, snack on bush tucker and pie floaters, and somehow do an entire episode without mentioning AC/DC.

And in this bonus episode, hear an audio transcript of an interview of Ian, friend of the show and resident of the Northern Territory, in which he describes the heat, the snakes, the beer, and life in the far reaches of Australia's north.  Read by Drew.















Bryson, Bill. In a Sunburned Country

Chatwin, Bruce. The Songlines

Einfeld, Jann. Life in the Australian Outback

The Lonely Planet Guide to Australia

Morgan, Sally. The Flying Emu and Other Australian Stories

Photo by rumpleteaser on wikicommons

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