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Hidden Tombs, Remarkable Art

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Pyramids made for dramatic graves for Egypt's pharaohs, but they weren't exactly secret. Grave robbers could, and did, make quick work of them, threatening the pharaoh's places in the afterlife.  So by the New Kingdom, the pharaohs, their families and other nobles began to dig their tombs in sheltered valleys across the Nile from their capital in Thebes.

One of the pharaohs not buried in the Valley is Akhenaten, who tried to change Egyptian religion and society in dramatic ways.  His successor, Tutankhamun, would restore the old ways, yet his intact tomb in the Valley would make him a modern legend.

Dominic Perry of the History of Egypt podcast appears to discuss Akhenaten and also his favorite tombs, like the stick-figure brilliance of Thutmose III's, while Lantern Jack of the Ancient Greece Declassified podcast talks about his own travels in the area. 


In this episode, we discuss Tut and Akhenaten. Plus pigeons! While exploring the various tombs, try a unique Egyptian soup: molokhia.


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