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Colossus: Welcome

The Sun God, Bold and Bronze

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The gleaming bronze statue only stood for 54 years, yet it has remained in our collective consciousness for millennia. 


The people of the prosperous Greek island of Rhodes built the ten-story tall Colossus in 280 BCE, following their unlikely victory against the forces of famed "Besieger of Cities" Demetrius Poliorcetes.  It stood long enough to be noticed by Antipater of Sidon and other travelers of the early Hellenistic Age, who immediately included it in all their travel guides.

In this episode, we head to Rhodes, and hear them undergo not one but two separate sieges. We discuss where the statue might have been, and why it was unlikely to straddle the harbor as seen in the above illustration. We also sample some classic Rhodian food with all the garlic that implies, including pitaroudia: delicious and additive chickpea fritters.


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Engraving from the Geographic Dictionary













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