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Birthplace of Drama

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All the world is a stage, and the first stage was in Athens, the birthplace of tragedy.  With Darby Vickers from the History of Greece podcast, we visit with the great playwrights, as Athens hits a great turning point: the Peloponnesian War.

That doesn't go well, and who's to blame?  Surely not a homely old teacher in the Agora?  Indeed.  But his student will have the last laugh.

All this plus skordalia!















Aristophanes. The Clouds

Everitt, Anthony.  The Rise of Athens: the Story of the World's Greatest Civilization

The Lonely Planet Guide to Greece

Plato. Apology

Plato. Crito

Plato. Phaedo

Plutarch. Lives

Rick Steves' Greece: Athens & the Peloponnese

Sophocles.  Oedipus Rex.

Thucydides. History of the Peloponnesian War

Photo by wikipedia user rrburke

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